Adventuring for Spring Break 2024

Thursday afternoon Janie and Lilly and I made the trek down to St George.
Spring Break didn't officially start until Monday, but I somehow thought they had Friday off, so we added an extra day of fun.

Janie slept while Lilly watched Netflix and mom sang to Gracie's sad cowboy playlist while she drove.

We made a quick stop in Cedar to serve in the temple and get some Pizza Cart pizza.

Friday morning we set off for some adventuring with Aunt Jill and Uncle Craig.

Zions never disappoints.


Stopped for a potty break before heading to Jill and Craig's property.
Good thing the gas station had these signs in every stall...

The snow is melting, so Craig and Jill can bring their trailer up soon to camp.

We finished our day with Cafe Rio for dinner and shark night.
We made it through The Meg and half of Meg 2 before passing out.

Saturday morning I slipped out for a quick trip to the temple.
Look what was waiting for me...

Some of my favorite lessons I've learned in the temple.
That morning Christ taught me a little more about how to find relief from whatever we are grieving over in Psalm 107.

Timed it just right to see the tulips, daffodils,

and purple popcorn popping.

The girls were still in bed when I got back.

They loaded up on Frosted Flakes so they'd have plenty of fuel for jumping...

My cousins Emily and her daughter Cienna joined us for games, pirates tootie, and easter candy.
I won the prize for losing the most games.

I brought Lilly to St George years ago when Grandpa was living with Jill and Craig.
She and Cienna bonded back then too.

Lilly met a new friend...

We had another shark movie night.

Janie multi-tasked while watching the movie.
She also gave me a fancy French braid and planned a party with her people.

Jaw's and The Meg 2--this time we all stayed awake.
And no one had night mares  😴.


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