Friday, July 01, 2022

Our Mac is Back From Yak!

Missionary reunions at the airport are the best!
But the waiting is the worst!

Grandma Meldrum came along too.
She and Kara are pretty close buddies.

Kara's little sister was extra excited to see her!

The Mac Family

Love this girl so much!

Hardest part of her day.
I think she'd been dreading taking her tag off from the moment she put it on.
Kloe loves wearing the name of Christ on her heart as well. On Monday she told me she even wears hers to bed.
I can't wait for the day I get to wear one of those on my heart.

Kara came over Tuesday to hang out with us and tell us more about her mission adventures.
She shared Jesus with so many people.
We loved hearing her share her love for Christ and His gospel.

Welcome Home Kara!!
And we are all looking forward to welcoming home Kara's best friend on October 20th!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wiped Out

(Girl) Cousin's Camp at Aunt Kimmy's happened last week.

They had one last hurrah before the Arizona cousins headed back to the desert.

A picnic with spaghetti and parmesan, no sauce.
That's how I like it.

After the Arizona cousins left, Lilly stayed a few more days and she and Stella partied hard.

I'm not sure what it is about these two but they get along so well.
Maybe because they are both the babies of the family.
Maybe because they both share the same style in clothing (hoodies and sweats, even in the summer)
Maybe because they are both bilingual.
Stella speaks Chinese
Lilly, Spanish

By the end of the week they were wiped out.

While Lilly was at Kimmy's I took Janie and her friend to the cabin.

They laughed A LOT.
I worked A LOT.
I've finished recording half of my Drop the Cactus course.
The first half is all about awareness.
Why we control, what triggers control, how our thoughts trick us into thinking we have to control, what agency is and how to honor it in ourselves and others.
Some lessons take longer to figure out than others and it's often because I haven't learned enough to teach it yet.
The Lord is literally, still taking me through the 12 steps of addiction recovery.
He will not let me miss a step.
I think I’ve finally learned enough to finish writing the first lesson for the second half of the course.
It's a good one!

I also worked on a Relief Society lesson.
One of my favorite things to study and teach is Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life (Eternal life with Christ).
I'm a little obsessed with it.
It's all about how to live a life with Christ, every day.
I still do, all the time. 
I check myself and where I am on the path to Christ. It keeps me grounded and out of the foundationless (I think I made up that word) great and spacious building.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Air Show Was a Bust

Years ago, when we only had two or three kids, Kevin's friend Thiel invited us to watch the Hill Air Force Base Air Show from the parking lot of his work.
It was the perfect location for front row seats and the show was incredible!
When Kevin saw this year's air show advertised last month we decided to do it!

They made it sound so easy.
Jump on Frontrunner.
Get off in Clearfield.
Ride the shuttle bus to the base.

Except all of Utah decided to go to the air show so when we arrived in Clearfield they announced the base was closed. It was filled to capacity.
I blame Top Gun Maverick.

And let me just say, I thank the heavens we had time to jump back on the train (barely).
The buses were returning people in droves.
We heard one group say they boarded Frontrunner at 7:20am and got all the way to the base, only to be turned away. So at 1pm they were returning to the Murray station with us.
We boarded the train at 10:20 and were so glad we didn't try to get there early (which we usually try to be the early bird, but there were no worms to be had).

We had some good quality time with the girls.
Found out Gracie was being a Debbie Downer/Doubter about a big goal she'd set.
It REALLY upset me and I couldn't help myself.
I life coached her.
My kids don't always love it when Life Coach Becky comes out.
But like I said, I couldn't help myself and I set her straight.
Now that I have an awareness of how the brain works and tries to scare us into all kinds of crap and keep us from all kinds of great stuff, I love to call it out and I had to call out Gracie's.
We rewired her thinking and made a plan--part of that plan involves Gracie's homemade rolls and orange butter.
Stay tuned on the deets for that.

 We went over possible ways to spend the rest of our day when we finally got off the train.
Their first choice was to get off Frontrunner in Roy and walk to Lucky China for lunch.
We googled it.
It would take an hour to walk there and it was 90 degrees.
I considered suggesting another showing of Top Gun, but I'm too cheap to pay full price for a movie we've already seen, unless it's just me and Kevin 😬.
I mentioned lunch (or dinner, we had no idea when we were getting off that train) at Pizza Pie Cafe.
It was unanimous.
By 2pm they were eating their weight in pizza and dessert pizza and couldn't be happier.
We decided for the 2024 air show we'll do our research and see if there's a hotel near the base we can book two years in advance or somewhere outside the base we can park and still see the jets.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

- Sister Beck's Weekly Update

Ola ! 

tudo bom?

On Monday we went to a Brazilian member's home who is actually from Sao Paulo! That's where my brother served his mission. She made us some taaaasty food but insisted we eat until it was all gone. I've never had that type of stomach pain before but it was worth it.  
The trek home was painful, I almost exploded. 

Unfortunately on Monday there was a transportation strike, these happen more than you would like to think here in France/Belgium. It hasnt ever affected us unless its an individual driver that decides to make you get off out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. I'm not going to go into details about what happened but we could not get home. 
Listen, I love Belgium. It gives off New York European style vibes but along with that comes the fact that it is... a little (lot) ghetto. I've never experienced a place like this. I've also never experienced catcalling/commentary/stares the way we have here. 
Not my fave, but the waffles and fries make up for it.

On Wednesday we went to a Portuguese park in the middle of Brussels. It was the weirdest thing, people were layed out all over the grass in swimsuits/without clothes everywhere. They were acting like it was the beach? It was so weird. No one was completely nude but there were definitely some close calls. πŸ€•πŸ˜΅‍πŸ’«
Belgium man, it's a different kind of weird.
Anyway, we kept walking and heard some latino music bumpin and were like 😏😏😏 bingo. 
We hovered a bit trying to make a completely unnatural encounter be natural. When all of a sudden we saw a lady in an Ecuadorian cultural dress and followed her to this big van full of FOOD. Perfect opportunity. We asked her if she needed any help to which she said yes. 
Turns out she was preparing for their annual Ecuadorian barbecue!?!?!! 
HUNDREDS of Ecuadorians showed up within the hour. It was incredible. What were the chances we go to this park the one day out of the year where all these latinos are gathering for their once a year fiesta? God guides. 

It was so fun. They had volleyball set up, blasting music, barbecuing, and soccer. I couldn't believe it. I have major fomo with that kind of stuff. I wanted to be taken in as one of them so bad. 

We gave our card out and got some names and everything. It was crazy. This goes out to pre-mission me who had no idea what speaking Spanish here would be like: it's good, and there's plenty of work to be done. 

We had a mission conference with Elder De Feo from the 70! It was so good. He talked about the Doctrine of Christ and doing everything in Jesus' name. My favorite saying right now is: More Jesus
More Jesus, in everything. It was spiritually uplifting. I also got to see the Willetts there so day = made. 

We went to another Brazilian member's home on Saturday and they also made us eat until all the food on the table was gone?? I'm going to probably gain a thousand pounds while serving here. We had a potato that tasted like those white things in the corn, carrot, greenbean stirfry mix that I know everyone has had at least once in their life. It was tripping me out. We also had a pork meatloaf wrapped in bacon. Wasn't too bad. I don't know all that was in it but I think I prefer it that way. After dinner they brought out a watermelon that was the size of me, hna Gomez and hna Chris' heads all put together. Maybe bigger. Massive πŸ‰
They had a pet turtle that went rogue during the spiritual thought. Those suckers are actually pretty fast. Hna Gomez finally caught it and it literally slapped her in the face with its weird fin claws😭 

Here's a mini rant you can skip:
I have major beef with the peanut M&Ms here in Belgium. They only put in half the peanut??? As I was eating them I was like why are these so weird? Why are they so small? THEY ONLY PUT IN HALF THE PEANUT. What is the purpose of that? It feels like a dirty trick, a personal attack. It was all of them too. It should be illegal. 
All or nothin. Pic below. Ok rant = over. 

ok Γ© isso, amo vcs πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨ 

☆For some reason I'm the designated food holder for everyone always. 
☆ hna gomezzzzzz 
☆ pretty sunset w/ ma girls  
☆ the crime. 
☆ Acai 
☆ Cocotts slapping the smile right off Hna GΓ³mez's face 
☆ sister Willett <3

Monday, June 27, 2022



Isn't she just the cutest missionary!
This girl has worked her guts out.
Literally, she has no guts left.
As soon as she arrived in Yakima she hit the ground running and she never stopped.
She shared Jesus with so many people.
Kara was taught by the missionaries and baptized at 12 years old.
She was able to teach and share Jesus with lots of 12 years old girls, much like herself, who decided to be baptized too.
We are so proud of our Kara and can't wait to squeeze her tomorrow!


Friday, June 24, 2022

Celebrating Fathers

We had fun celebrating Fathers Sunday!

These kids of ours are the luckiest.
Kevin has a special relationship with each one of his kids.
If you ever want some great dad tips, ask Kevin.
He learned from the best!

So grateful for Papa Dave!

Mama Linda took Kevin for a "You're such a great dad" date.

And Kevin and I celebrated "You're such a great dad and you're such a great mom" with pedicures and Thai food.

I asked Kevin what his favorite thing was about being a dad.
He loves talking to the kids, and having relationships with them as adults (they are all his best friends).
He also loves that being a father eventually made him a grandfather.

A couple more of my favorite fathers...

 Jax was born to be a father, just like his dad.

And little Maisie is so lucky to have Garren for her daddy!
It's so fun to watch our kids be parents.

And this card made me think of my awesome dad.
It's 100% true.
And he wore socks and sandals just like these in the summer.
I miss him every day 😒.