Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Fishin' with Dad

Gracie and her Dad did some fishing at Butterfly last month.

I don't think I've ever touched a fish.
So gross.
My kids don't think twice.
They also have no problem kissing fish either.

And neither does their dad.

Turns out Rockport is one of the few lakes in Utah that is almost to capacity.
And on a Monday morning you can almost get the lake to yourself.

Rockport has significantly larger fish than Butterfly.

This was Maisie's maiden voyage on the boat.
My prediction is she'll have a pole in her hand before she's 2.

This one needs all the fishing breaks she can get.
Seminary Council
Music lessons
It's a lot.

Have I mentioned these two share the same brain?
I think Em looks like a pretty good mix of me and Kev but she thinks like her dad.
They are almost always on the same page with whatever the topic is and
they finish each other's sentences.
We also joke that they are both dead inside.
Which they aren't totally dead inside, but they don't have the problems Kloe and I have with feeling other people's feelings.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

- Sister Beck's Weekly Update

 Happy Fourth everybody ! I love the fourth of July:) I love America, I'm thankful that it's my home.


We got surprising news Monday night that President needed hermana Gomez to go to Colmar for an emergency transfer. 
I'm devastated. I love her so much. We only lived with each other for 2 weeks in Lux and now just 2 weeks here in Brussels. I still think we'll be comps one more time. Or at least I hope so. 

Now its back to me and Sr Christiansen. Who would've thought. Pres really likes to be ✨️unpredictable✨️

On Saturday we had our first sport activity. We are trying new ways to find and so we set up an event for every Saturday. People can just come and play sports !! Not a lot of people came this time BUT. An inactive Mexican member, her son, her atheist brother in law, and their Dutch friend came and the elders and a few of their friends. The inactive member saw my post in a Mexicanos en bruselas group. They were super confused on why we were all white but they were SOO nice. The atheist guy Tim let me ride his electric scooter... I was thriving. They said they want to come every week :,) so that is a big fat blessing. 

We ate waffles 3 times this week, not upset about that. I couldn't tell you why they're so good, something about them is just different. There's gotta be some ~secret~ to them. 
The first time we had one πŸ§‡ was after Hermana Gomez left and we were starving.
Then all our lessons cancelled one day so we got a depression waffle. 
Then the third time was with the cutest Peruvian member. We were on our way back from the sports activity and she was like: hey what was the food you guys told me to try? 
And we were like: belgian waffles. 
Then she said: okay let's get some. 
She was so sweet. And they were so good. πŸ˜‹

On Sunday I gave my testimony and I can't tell you how cool it was to finally be able to do it in spanish to a ward that speaks Spanish. It was the first time on my mission that I have noticed and felt strongly the gift of tongues. That's been a touchy subject for me because I hear missionaries talk about it and how it's helped them all the time but I've always felt that I get tripped up over my words a lot and what I want to say is not what I end up saying. I feel like I don't make sense half the time. I pray for the gift of tongues but haven't ever felt it the way I felt it when I was giving my testimony.

I prayed before I went up and essentially was like: hey Heavenly Father, I want to go up but I'm gonna really need to be able to think clearly and not get caught up in the grammar and if I'm saying it how a native would say it. I just want to speak what I want to speak. 

As I was speaking, the words and their correct conjugations kept coming to me SOOO quickly. I was able to speak everything I had wanted and I didn't stutter or have to reexplain anything. It was the coolest thing ever. People were nodding their heads like they were understanding me too πŸ˜‚
I got down from the stand and my comp was like: Dang. That was perfect. 

God is good.

Me and Sister Chris have to do the music cause there's not enough people. She plays piano, I lead. 
Yesterday we sang #1 Ya Rompe el Alba (The Morning Breaks) No one knows the tune to it so it was just me singing trying to get everyone to follow and halfway through the second verse the second counselor makes us stop and tells us we are singing the wrong song. We were like ??? That is the tune? That is the song? And he was like "are you playing 1 are you playing 1?" And we were like YESS.
Turns out they got confused and wanted to actually sing #24 El Alba ya Rompe. (The daydawn is breaking) 
It was so awkward. 
Look how similar those names are.
Ya Rompe el Alba 
El Alba Ya Rompe. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Sister Chris was losing it. Anyway that will be an embarrassing core memory for the next few months. 

The work here is rough. Everyone lives very far and the transportation isn't great. A tonnn of the members have gone back to their countries for a month or two for vacation so we really do not have much to work with. I think it's been my hardest area workwise. Lots of cancelations. But ca va, the work continues. We're trying different things. 

Love you all to bits

Las Fotossss 
▪︎ saying goodbye to my girl :,( 
▪︎ waffles, waffles 
▪︎ the amomium, anotium, atoniun, atomium? 
▪︎ scooter joy 
▪︎ Pascuala and more waffles πŸ€πŸ™ŒπŸ½
▪︎ square pizza just like my mommas (don't worry mom urs is better) 
▪︎ America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

Monday, July 04, 2022

Celebrating Kara and America

Sunday we had a welcome home dinner for Kara.

Her only request was watermelon.

Done ✔

She shared more fun mission stories.
And met Maisie Jane.

 She'll warm up to Aunt Kara in no time.

Happy Birthday America!!
Grandpa was so proud of his flag!
I think all of his farm is about sold.
The flag is so faded.
Maybe the new owner will restore it.

And no one sang the national anthem like my dad.
Celebrating America's birthday at the cabin was probably his favorite.
The Beck's are loading up in the bus and heading to Idaho for the best small town parade in America!!
Malad has all sorts of fun events for the weekend of the 4th.
Lilly really wanted to try out for the Malad's Got Talent show with one of her original songs on the piano, but her mean parents refused to drive her up Saturday for tryouts.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Our Mac is Back From Yak!

Missionary reunions at the airport are the best!
But the waiting is the worst!

Grandma Meldrum came along too.
She and Kara are pretty close buddies.

Kara's little sister was extra excited to see her!

The Mac Family

Love this girl so much!

Hardest part of her day.
I think she'd been dreading taking her tag off from the moment she put it on.
Kloe loves wearing the name of Christ on her heart as well. On Monday she told me she even wears hers to bed.
I can't wait for the day I get to wear one of those on my heart.

Kara came over Tuesday to hang out with us and tell us more about her mission adventures.
She shared Jesus with so many people.
We loved hearing her share her love for Christ and His gospel.

Welcome Home Kara!!
And we are all looking forward to welcoming home Kara's best friend on October 20th!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wiped Out

(Girl) Cousin's Camp at Aunt Kimmy's happened last week.

They had one last hurrah before the Arizona cousins headed back to the desert.

A picnic with spaghetti and parmesan, no sauce.
That's how I like it.

After the Arizona cousins left, Lilly stayed a few more days and she and Stella partied hard.

I'm not sure what it is about these two but they get along so well.
Maybe because they are both the babies of the family.
Maybe because they both share the same style in clothing (hoodies and sweats, even in the summer)
Maybe because they are both bilingual.
Stella speaks Chinese
Lilly, Spanish

By the end of the week they were wiped out.

While Lilly was at Kimmy's I took Janie and her friend to the cabin.

They laughed A LOT.
I worked A LOT.
I've finished recording half of my Drop the Cactus course.
The first half is all about awareness.
Why we control, what triggers control, how our thoughts trick us into thinking we have to control, what agency is and how to honor it in ourselves and others.
Some lessons take longer to figure out than others and it's often because I haven't learned enough to teach it yet.
The Lord is literally, still taking me through the 12 steps of addiction recovery.
He will not let me miss a step.
I think I’ve finally learned enough to finish writing the first lesson for the second half of the course.
It's a good one!

I also worked on a Relief Society lesson.
One of my favorite things to study and teach is Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life (Eternal life with Christ).
I'm a little obsessed with it.
It's all about how to live a life with Christ, every day.
I still do, all the time. 
I check myself and where I am on the path to Christ. It keeps me grounded and out of the foundationless (I think I made up that word) great and spacious building.