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Ladies Date and Laundry

All Lilly's dreams came true last month when she finally got to move downstairs. With a big new room in the basement, comes big new responsibilities. The downstairs kids have to do their own laundry. So Lilly and I had a lesson on "how to do your own laundry". She picked it up quick. I gotta say. It's nice to do laundry for just two people again. I haven't done that since 1994. I can't believe there was a time I was doing laundry for seven. It took me a while, but I finally took Lilly out for her Ladies Day date. We went to see the new Hunger Games movie--Janie and dad tagged along too. Afterward Lilly and I did some shopping. And then it was dinner at the Roadhouse. She cracked me up as we discussed school, friends, and Lilly's current crush. I love my little lady and I'm so proud of the amazing, strong, independent young woman she is.

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