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Herman Beck's Weekly Emails - Burnt Toast and Shattered Dreams

Well, tuesday came and went and we still did not recieve transfer news, President Wu was running behind. Travel day was Thursday, so Hermana Velasquez started packing her bags anyway. She'd been in Hospicio for 6 months, so we knew she'd be leaving. Wednesday was business as usual, except for when the Relief Society president had me try on a wedding dress she had lying around her house, and we got fed lunch twice (that was awful🤢) That night we baked a cake and bought a tub of ice cream and headed down the street to the other Hermanas' house to watch with them. The way transfers work in our mission is we all hop on zoom, sing a hymn, and listen to a quick devotional from President Wu. Then he shares his screen and shows us a picture of each missionary individually and their assignment, one at a time, starting in the northern most part of the mission and ending in the south. It takes about an hour to get through everyone. But when he started way north in Arica, and my pictu

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