30 Years with My Lover and Bestie

30 Years!
I have been blessed to be a Beck for 30 years.
Seriously, that's a big deal right?

March 18, 1993

To read about the day our family began go HERE.

Today I want to celebrate 30 memories with my lover and bestie.
One for each year. There are millions more but these were significant and some turning points that brought greater blessings and always lessons.

1993 - Finally.  Finally after years of dreaming about it, we knelt together over that sacred alter in God’s Holy temple and made covenants with the Lord, each other and our future family. 

1994 - Watching you with the stop watch around your neck coach me through our first labor and seeing your excitement over meeting our Jackson.

1995 - Moving to the Deseret Mortuary and you delivering dead bodies in addition to your day job delivering paper and your part time Jazz job so I could be home with Jackson. 

1996 - You covered, from head to toe, in paint as we fixed up our first home together.

1997 - You created an office/studio in our basement for my business, which I never used and you never said anything about that.  You’re like that, always showing up for me, even when I don’t fully appreciate it. 

1998 - Our first natural birth together.  You were in it with me (minus the pain and suffering). We both breathed the biggest sigh of relief when Dakota was taken out of me.  Then you whispered you’d never do that again with me without the epidural. 

1999 - You didn’t die.  You split your neck open, you barely missed the major arteries and I thanked God every time one of those doctors told us what a miracle it was. I wasn’t done living life with you and I definitely wasn’t done having more of your babies.

2000 - The sound of the tow truck just outside the kitchen window, pulling a car out of our driveway.  At the time it was devastating, you’d been found out.  But it was the hinge point for buying Harmans and eventually giving us the gift of time to serve our family and our God.

2001 - You agreed to go ahead and have another baby, even though it was “the worst possible time”. And you gave up your man card and bought a mini van so your baby Kloe would have a place to sit.

2002 - You supported me in another sales career, taking care of a toddler and very fussy baby on nights and weekends so I could work. 

2003 - For our 10 year anniversary we took the honeymoon to the Bahamas we’d never had.  And we’ve been taking honeymoons ever since—sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with a few of our babies. 

2004 - Praying in faith for our baby Gracie who had to be life flighted to Primary Children’s hospital the day after she was born. 

2005 - Combining all our faith to follow the impression to move to the Beck House in Taylorsville, despite the impossibility of it all. 

2006 - Working together at the tow yard to save our business. Hauling our babies into the office every week day and both of us driving tow trucks during the snowstorms at night. The best of times and the worst of times. You were right, everything can change in a day.

2007 - Your parents took us to Hawaii. A wonderful blessing to be in paradise after a couple of years of struggling to get our business in the black. And watching you try to surf was pretty entertaining.

2008 - You went home and went to bed (in the middle of the day) after our ultrasound announcing we were having our 4th girl–Janie Rose turned out to be your best hunting buddy ever.

2009 - You pulling me aside and telling me we would be buying a boat.  End of discussion. 

2010 - You helping me with my year of DIRTy Secrets projects. You’ve always been on board with my projects. 

2011 - The three of us alone in the hospital room the night after Lilly was born and you telling me you wanted to name her after me and we could try one more time for our boy. Cheering in the football stands as our boy blocked the punt and went onto win the state championship ran a close second. 

2012 - Sitting together in that hospital room alone together holding our Baby Kevin.

2013 - Experiencing the miserable joy together as we sent our first son into the mission field.

2014 - Dropping our daughter off to college at USU and high fiving each other on the drive home because she was so excited to go and we were so ready to send her. 

2015 - Dancing together at our sons wedding.  One down 6 to go. 

2016 - Walking the halls of Logan hospital waiting for the arrival of our first grandbaby- and then meeting our amazing Beau Bear.

2017 - Making memories with our family and my dad in Mexico before he got so sick. 

2018 - Sitting in the Stake Presidents office as you got called to be Bishop.  I knew you’d been prepared and were ready. 

2019 - Walking you to the church, except you could barely walk. You had a heart attack and you lived.

2020 - Sitting together in the addiction recovery meeting and realizing I was addicted to control. That moment changed me and us. You’re welcome 😉.

2021 - Praying together in the labor and delivery room for our Emmy after she was whisked away for an emergency c section. 

2022 - We payed off the house, completing 21 years of trying to climb out of the massive debt hole we’d dug.

I love you Kevin, and if I have my way we'll have, at the very least, 30 more.


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