Baby Kevin's Birth Story - Part 4

By this time our Baby Kevin had passed.  Everything happened too fast.  Despite only having such a short time with him, there was an underlying peace which helped me get through the day as well as the days to come.  I was also grateful to have been able to be a part of his life, completely, especially during his delivery.  I'm glad I didn't have an epidural to dull any of it.  I loved every minute of his life and was able to experience all of it.  Even the pain of his birth was a blessing.

Kevin asked my Dad to give a family prayer.  He gave a beautiful prayer, thanking our Heavenly Father for our family and for our Baby Kevin.

Then we brought out Baby Kevin's Birth Day Cake! 
Janie had been having a hard time waking up from her nap but perked up when she saw the cake and the candles.  We had 10 candles, one for each member of our family.  We not only celebrated Baby Kevin's birth day but also having our entire family together...19+ years in the making!

I am so thankful I still had a baby to come home to!

After we sang Happy Birthday to Baby Kevin and ate the cake we had some time together just me, Kev and the kids.  We talked, took more turns holding Baby Kevin, and together sang Baby Kevin's song. 

Janie hadn't wanted to hold Baby Kevin when the other kids were taking their turns.  She finally decided to hold him and I was so glad!  I would have felt bad if she didn't.

I love this one of the brothers!

All 8 of our great kids!
Recently Kevin was asked how many kids he had.  I was there when he was asked and I wondered, what do we say?  7? 8?  He wondered the same thing.  As I've thought about it I decided I'm going to say 8.  I have 8 beautiful children.  I'm very blessed.

We have two great family pictures with all 10 of us.  
This one and the one taken on THIS day.  
Neither picture is one I ever envisioned having but I love them both.

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