Baby Kevin's Froggie Towel

For the past several years I've been collecting baby boy clothes here and there in anticipation of "the boy" I knew was coming. Four years ago I picked up that little summer outfit with the fish and turtles in Hawaii--I loved putting Jackson and Dakota in the little one piece outfits during the summers when they were babies.

In the book I mentioned reading a few nights ago about the mother of the Trisomy 13 baby, one thing that stood out to me was that she never stopped preparing for her baby's arrival. She made sure her baby had all of the things a newborn would need and even set up a nursery. I realized that I've been doing just the opposite--as soon as I found out about baby Kevin's challenges I stopped preparing for his arrival.
This morning as Janie got out of the shower I wrapped her in her towel--a bath towel that my friend Amy (you know, my friend Amy, the cupcake queen :) made for her when she was born. Janie has loved it and I had the thought that I should make one for baby Kevin. I was already planning to go to Walmart this morning so I added "towels" to my list. I just needed a bath towel and then a smaller towel to make the "hood".

I loved these cute little froggie towels and as I went to pick one up I noticed the towels stacked right next to them...

Seriously, what are the chances?
I almost gasped right out loud when I saw it.
How grateful I am for God's messages of hope--and often in places I least expect them.

You can go HERE to read more about the message "Believe".

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