Cutest Daddy

Thought I'd post a few pictures of this cutest daddy...

He's a pretty cute girl dad.

And that baby is perfection.

He's a pretty good husband too.

And Margo has the cutest mama...

Fun fact: Daddy Estabon went to Target and picked out her cute outfit.

Cutest future parents 💕

She smelled fantastic.
I've missed tiny baby smells (the fresh out of the bath ones).

Spring Break started today.
We left yesterday for a little girls trip to St George til Monday and then we're taking cabin days the rest of next week.
Cabin days used to be spent at the cabin--stay in your pjs all day watching movies, reading books, eating Papa Murphy's pizza, chocolate licorice, and a variety of other junk food. 
Now we take cabin days at home.
Almost as good.



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