A Night with Daryl

Remember how my bestie Daryl wrote another book?

We had such a fun night together last Thursday!

I was asked to give a short presentation on time management.

I get a little too excited about this topic.
I highlighted a few tips from Daryl from her book A House of Order.
It was written in the 60's but her principles are timeless.

Then I introduced Daryl.
It was so fun listening to her share highlights from her book.

Everyone loved her!
She's amazing.
She turns 90 March 5th!

Mama Jan and Papa Tom were big fans of Daryl's work back when they had 7 children at home.
One year my dad bought my mom Daryl's "tapes".
Mom would listen to them while she did housework.
One day she noticed two were missing.
My dad had borrowed the tapes and had been listening to them to and from work.
He was a big fan of Daryl's filing system.
Mama Linda was too--she even went to Daryl's house for a seminar in her home back in the day.

Besides The Art of Aging Joyfully, all of her other books are out of print.
I suggested she talk to her publisher about getting them digitalized so people can read them on their Kindle. I'll keep you posted.

This was such a fun night!
We had a great turnout!
Lots of friends and neighbors, and so fun to have my family there too.

If you'd like to read The Art of Aging Joyfully you can find it HERE.

If you'd like help with Time Management check out my videos HERE.



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