Sister Gracie Beck's Weekly Update - Pilot

I finished home mtc!!

     I spent most of my hmtc time at my sister Emmy’s house, which meant I had the cutest “compañera” of all time- miss Maisie Jane. Emmy also saved my life a few times by sneaking me snacks during class.

     Ever since I got the call in September that I would be doing the advanced language program for mtc, I have been preparing for this to be the most difficult, humbling, and confusing week of my life. And although I am always extremely humble- my hmtc experience was nothing like I thought! My companion is Hermana Garcia Gonzalez, and I love her/look up to her a lot. She doesn’t speak a word of English (most of my district + teachers don’t either) but that hasn’t stopped us from becoming good friends. 

     I’ve understood all the Spanish this week, but it takes me a while to translate my thoughts into Spanish to participate or answer questions. Usually by the time I get my words just right in my mind, class has moved on to the next thing. It was weird going from being the person who is always willing to participate and give insights, to then praying I don’t get called on- but I’m happy to report that by the time Friday came around my confidence had grown and I was participating left and right. 

     On day 2 of mtc we were in a workshop zoom with about 70 missionaries. I had looked at all their names and came to the conclusion that I was STILL the only American there. They kept splitting us into breakout rooms with 4-5 other missionaries to discuss things and at this point I was still a little nervous to participate and hoped we’d run out of time to share before it was my turn. Only, the breakout room I was sent to this particular time didn’t have any other missionaries in it. It was just me, and THE DIRECTOR OF THE MEXICO MTC. the first thing he did was ask me if I speak Spanish 💀 I said I sure hope so, otherwise I am in the wrong place. But then we ended up having a great discussion (in Spanish) about the difference between the Doctrine of Christ and the Gospel of Christ, and we were even joking around by the end of it. I still have no idea how I ended up in that situation, but I was grateful for it. It made me feel like my usual self conversing so freely about the gospel like that. The gift of tongues is so real. 

    One thing I learned this week was that we truly do all feel the Spirit differently. When my district was discussing how they feel it, they mostly said things like “peace,” “hope,” “close to God,” “comforted,” and although I do feel those things sometimes, I realized usually when I feel the Spirit it’s more feelings of empowerment. Of wanting to change and do better. Even if I’m seeking peace or comfort, I usually feel compelled to work instead. I love that a universal Comforter can be so Individual like that. Since today is my P day, if any of you would like to tell me how you feel the Spirit, I’d love to hear. 

    Lately I’ve been making an effort to ask more questions, to grow my testimony. Starting my mission brought on a whole lot of question ideas. One of them being, “if whatever church leader it was who chose my mission, could sit down with me and get to know me first, would he still have picked Antofagasta?” I came to the conclusion that I don’t think he would’ve. BUT, if he had sat down and gotten to know me, it would have been on a temporal level. God knows me on a Celestial level, and HE picked Chile for me. And I’m gonna go find out why!

     Overall my hmtc experience went wayyyy better than I expected. I loved it. Do I want to be on zoom for even one more minute? Absolutely not. 42 hours (and counting) was plenty. But I had a really good week. I fly to Mexico bright and early Tuesday morning! Because of that, I had to say goodbye to my mama a little bit early. She’s in Washington for a family wedding and to teach a fireside about finding Joy in your Grief through the Savior, and won’t get home until Tuesday night. But I am so proud of her! I’ve seen firsthand how God brings people who are grieving to my mom at the strangest times and in the strangest ways, for help. And she does a great job of helping them. I have a good mom. 
- my setting apart 
- my very clingy puppy
- I spent a solid 15 minutes trying to find James 1:5 in Spanish, thinking it would probably be called “Jaime” or “Jámes”😐
- compañera maisie x2
- horrible quality pic of me and Hna Garcia Gonzalez with our painted Book of Mormons (Books of Mormon ?)
- my district!!


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