A Love Trip to see The Jets

Last week Kev and I spent a few days in St George.
On our way down we fed the college kids.

Fun fact: Nick loves Chili's.
A lot.
He spent some time the night before studying the menu.
I too spend time studying menu's.
Nick and I take our food very seriously.
And yes, yes, this is the same Nick Kloe dated in High School, and yes, yes her mother (along with the entire family) is very happy they are dating again.

Kev tried to get Kloe to eat a shrimp.

It may look like she's gonna do it.
She did not.

Nick also tried to convince her to give it a try.
I wasn't about to support any of it.
The texture alone makes me want to 🤮.

I think she made the right choice.

We made the right choice with these desserts too.

Kev and I walked the streets of St George three times.

Loved this tree. It had the coolest trunk.
Take my word for it.

We tried this place for breakfast.

We'll have to go back since there are about four more things I want to try.

We went to the St George Temple open house AND OH MY GOODNESS it was incredibly beautiful.
You can see pictures online HERE.

I surprised two of my favorites.

Uncle Craig was putting up his Christmas decorations--which as you can see, he goes all out!
Aunt Jill and I spent a couple of hours catching up. 

So fun to see them both!

Grandma Becky is making BIG plans for a Grinch party with her grand boys in a few weeks!

Last January I booked tickets to see The Jets in concert at Tuacahn.
They performed Thursday night.

Anyone remember The Jets?
They were the first concert Kev and I ever attended.
They played lots of 80's and 90's music which was SO GREAT.
Such a fun night with my Kever.

Apparently the band (all siblings) had a falling out for a few years, something about law suits and what not, but they are back together and everyone loves each other.

It really doesn't take much to entertain us.
This house was so cool, and of course I had to creep the windows.

I creeped every window around the home.
A lot of it was finished inside and so pretty!

We ate all the good things.
Figured the girls would love these.

Turns out I loved those apple fritters way. too. much.
The bacon maple doughnut was a win as well.

We hustled home Friday morning so I could unpack and pack for a flight the next morning to my nieces wedding and a speaking engagement in Washington. 
Stopped for lunch for a "Hot Bobbie" at Capriotti's.
Maybe we'll have these for Thanksgiving instead of a turkey dinner.
I'll fill you in on all the Washington things, including the saddest of goodbye's, next week.



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