A couple of weeks ago I got this sad text.
Little Logan was miserable and had to go to Instacare.
Jax and Aubs thought allergies were making his eyes swell up, but after a few days of meds not working they took him to the doctor.

Turns out he had an ear infection and an infection in his face.
Is this not the saddest thing ever.
Poor little guy.

Within a day of being on antibiotics the swelling went down considerably and he's doing a little better but he's going to have more testing to see what's going on.

Fun Sad Fact: Estabon had something similar happen when he was little, but the infection was in his cheeks.

And how about a big round of applause for our kindergarten graduate!!!
He has loved kindergarten so much.
Grandma Becky can't even believe her little Beau Bear is so dang big!
It's sad how fast time goes.
Seems like last month we were at his preschool graduation. Actually, just kidding, a lot has happened since then and it actually feels like a year.

And let's talk about Willie and all his cuteness.

Just checking the mail for prizes from the grandma fairy.
(Sad that she failed him)

We drove down his street in Orlando.

And is he not the cutest little sunbeam you've ever seen.

The Beck pool is open for all the summer fun and Will is ready!



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