Our Final Fun Days in Florida

Sister English is from the Philippines. She invited us over for a visit around 10am and served us dinner for lunch. Freshly squeezed apple carrot juice, pastries, and Adobo.

I also love THIS woman! She is the best!

Loved hearing all her stories about how she ended up in Florida.

I did in fact smuggle 12 ounces of "Smack my Sweet Ass and Call me Sally" sauce over the state borders. That stuff is like crack. So yummy.

Had a major realization that the reason I gained 25 pounds in Florida was because of this ↑ and this ↓
Was a complete mystery to me for a while!

Andy's custard = little big slice cup of heaven

I bet you were taken back a little when I said the sauce's name! It's real baby! 

Such good stuff.

Not to be dramatic or anything but this was the best concert ever. 
Such a fun night and such a cool mom for coming with me!!

She gets docked a couple cool points though for being embarrassing and making me take a bunch of pictures like this... 

I loved this band.
I hope they make it big.
They had a very cool hippie vibe and still small enough that they stay after to take selfies and sign shirts. Of course we had to get photos.

It was pretty fun for me to be able to come to this concert for a band I love in a place I love!!
I am spoiled. 
Yes, yes she is.

One of my faves 👆

First time going through this temple! I didn't get the chance when I was a missionary but it was pretty awesome getting to go with my mom. 

Beautiful temple, beautiful morning, perfect finale for our fun trip!
The only downside was getting a major frisking through security on our way home.
Seriously, I felt a little violated.
Shouldn't have skipped the TSA line to stay with Kloe.

Best Trip Ever. 



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