Celebrating Baby Kevin in Florida

We did it.
We spent the day after Universal in Disney World--they have 4 parks to choose from.
I'd been to Epcot and The Magic Kingdom when I was 17.
Kloe had only been to Disney Springs--the shopping area of Disney.
We took Bettyna's recommendation and went to the Animal Kingdom. Great choice! 
And it was a really fun way to celebrate Baby Kevin's 11th birthday.

Remember how Becky Beck loves the Tree of Life?
This tree was huge and so cool. It’s in the center of the park.
The photo doesn’t do it justice.

My sister Meg was pretty sad over Disney taking out the Bug's Life show.
Disney World still has it.

Loved this Everest coaster! So. Much.

Mom!?!?!? She cut herself out because she didn't like how she looked just so you know. 
Im not conceited. 
I looked really bad, worse than being soaked on that dumb ride at Universal.

Look how happy we look lol. 

Pandora, or something. We still need to rewatch the movies mom. 
Yes, we do.

I personally do not believe in dinosaurs. Please respect that. 

It's true. She doesn't.

These were gooooooooooood! 
Pineapple cream filled egg roll thing and a limeade, apple, watermelon thing with passionfruit boba balls. Yeah. It was insane. 

That drink--one of those things where your first taste is questionable, and then you keep coming back for more.

I loved loved loved the safari ride.
And our guide was very funny.
That's her behind the wheel.

I liked this "ride" so much we went twice.
Not all safari guides are created equal.
The second guide, not funny.

The animals just roamed all over the place.

Mom loved the animals!
Which is why we went twice 👊.

Also LOVED the Avatar ride.
No pics but here's a video. Worth the hour plus wait.

Dinner with Elaine 💗💗💗
(This food also slapped)

She's right.
It slapped.

We did in fact ride this rollercoaster 6 times. Twice in the morning and four times right before they closed. 

It was closing time when we took this.
When we turned around the guy said we had 5 seconds to ride one more time. Can't pass that up, so we ran through the entrance.

For Izzy...

This lady fell asleep while we were hot tubbing!!
Meditating actually.

We were really happy we went ahead and parked it another day.
And we were even more happy the park closed at 7.



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