Thrifting & Dancing

Last week our young women went thrifting for an activity.
One of our girls is a master thrifter, so she taught them all her ways.

Lilly has been begging me to take her thrifting for months.
I am not a master thrifter, so I kept putting her off.

They had so much fun!
That bag of Lilly's cost her $13.
And three days later she asked me to take her back.
(I still put her off)

While the girls were thrifting I was taking Natalie and my nephew Cardston to Provo for the Ballroom Dancing Nationals.
Cardston is on a team and was here to compete.
I stayed to watch for a while.

Sadly, I couldn't go on the days Cardston was performing, but I did get to see some of his team.

The music, the costumes, the synchronized moves.
So fun!

We should add "ballroom dancing" to our list of youth activities.
Or maybe square dancing.
I bet they'd be down for it.
Our boys and girls get along like siblings.
Just one big happy family.


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