Baby Kevin's Birth Story - Part 2

My dad was the first to arrive at the hospital.  Shortly after Baby Kevin was born Kevin called my dad, his dad and Jackson to come to the hospital.  We were hoping to have time to give him a name and a blessing.

Jackson brought the sweet little blue hat he'd crocheted for his baby brother.
Kevin gave Baby Kevin a beautiful blessing and I was so grateful his grandfathers and big brother could take part in it. 

By this time the kids were on their way.  My poor mom had to go to 3 different schools to pick up Emmy, Dakota, Kloe and Gracie, and then to our house to pick up the little girls.  Once again, I thought we'd be having a baby around 3 or 4pm and by that time they would have all been home from school.

Uncle Stevie arrived next...

Big Kevin loving on his Little Kevin :)

Soon Grandma Linda and Aunt Tami arrived...

Baby Kevin had a bath and we dressed him in his new clothes while we waited for the kids to arrive...

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