The Grands

Beau is loving all the sports!
He seems to like baseball a little more than basketball.
He told me he LOVES running around the bases.

Willie loves watching the big boys play.

Beau is becoming a great reader and it's so fun to translate his spelling.

I wonder if my Heavenly Parents feel the way I do when I watch my kids being such amazing humans.

Logan and Will finally recovered from the flu.
It was a nasty one.

Will has struggled with puking even when he doesn't have the flu, but we are celebrating four straight days of no puking and he's gained back the two pounds he lost during his flu days. Such a little trooper.

Will's Drs continue to try and figure out Will's feeding and stomach issues and I'm so grateful he has two patient parents who take such good care of him. It's tough watching my kids worry about their kids.

And how about this little lady who is potty training--when she feels like it.

Helping Grandma Becky with her morning workout.

She got to see Elsa in Disney on Ice with her bestie and she loved it!



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