Revisiting Grief

Today I'll be speaking on Finding Joy in the Mourning at the BYU Life After Loss Conference.
I am humbled to be able to share a few of my experiences and offer hope to others on their grief journey.

One of the things I'll be talking about today is the power of lamenting.

A lament is a prayer expressing sorrow, pain, or confusion.

A prayer for help coming out of pain, honest complaints poured out to God.
Lament prayer is designed to persuade God to act on the sufferer’s behalf.

Four steps to a lament prayer:

I've never been great at the complaining part--until recently.
I assumed to complain was to murmur, and I try to avoid murmuring.
But, to clarify, murmuring is complaining ABOUT God, lamenting is humbly taking your complaint TO God.
When we do that, our all-knowing Father in Heaven listens, loves and helps us through whatever it is that is grieving us.



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