Sweet Hello's

I was visiting my mom recently and she showed me this picture.

Aren't they the cutest couple!
That hairdo my mom's rocking is a very cool red wig.

Kim and her kids and Meg went up to the cabin for yet another last hurrah.
The sale of the cabin is delayed.
My dad is holding it up.
He's on the title and has to sign for it.
Obviously, he can't do that.
Somehow the cabin got left out of my parent's trust, so we are in the process of petitioning for me to be the personal representative for his estate so I can sign for him.
It's a whole thing, 
delaying the process until the end of next month, 
so maybe we'll have yet another one last hurrah in February.

The snow was higher than the rails of the deck when they started 😅.

Two nice men helped dig Kimmy out.
I can't remember the last time I saw snow like that up there.

Speaking of my dad.
Every once in a while he sends me little "sweet hello's", as my friend Rebekah calls them.
On my birthday my neighbor Jessica brought me this gift.

My dad LOVED Snickers.
And he loved to share them with his kids.
Felt like a little shout out from dad, wishing me a happy birthday.

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