Baby Kevin's Birth Story - Part 3

In come the troops...

I told my cousin Kaylee who was staying with the kids to wait to dress and do the girls hair until after their naps...instead they had to be woken up from their naps and with the rush the hair didn't happen :)

Janie was still tired and having a hard time understanding what was going on.
As soon as the kids arrived I realized one of the blessings of not having the epidural was feeling so good and being able to move around with the kids.  I also get the shakes with the epidural after delivery, so I had none of that.  I was able to be a part of everything and feel great as well.

I wasn't sure how the kids would react to seeing their baby brother.  He did have a bilateral cleft lip and palate but they didn't seem upset by his appearance, rather I think by his face they could tell how many problems he had--which helped them better appreciate what a miracle it was that he made it full term and had fought so hard to be born alive.

Baby Kevin is Grandma Jan's 30th grandchild!
She made the cute little blanket he's wrapped in.

My friend Marci (who's been my best friend since the 4th grade and lost her first baby, a girl, to Trisomy 18) dropped in thinking I would be a few hours from having the baby.  Wasn't she surprised to find out he was already here!

As hard as this day was it was full of so many tender moments.  The kids were so sad we couldn't bring their brother home with us, but they know they'll be with him again someday.

This little munchkin kept us all entertained!

Lilly loves to wave, if you wave back she thinks its a game and just keeps waving.

Stay tuned for our little birthday celebration...

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