A Yearbook (Finally) and Baby Kevin's Song

8am: I read an email from my sister Natalie. She has sent me several emails this week filled with encouragement and advice. Her 4th child, our sweet little EmmaLee (who is now 6!) was born with DiGeorge Syndrome. She had to undergo major heart surgery at just a few days old and is our little miracle baby as she has overcome challenge after challenge. Her email today talked about the power of primary songs. She said while she was pregnant with EmmaLee her one year old daughter would often sing "I Love to See the Temple" to her. A day or two after EmmaLee's heart surgery my sister was sitting next to her wanting so badly for her to open her eyes to let her know she could hear her. It was then that she remembered the song and began to sing it to her. EmmaLee heard and opened her eyes long enough for her to finish the song. Natalie suggested we pick a song for Baby Kevin and I agreed, thinking I would talk to the kids about choosing a song for him.

11:10am I'm sitting on the floor in the bathroom. Kevin and I had been talking about how I'd held it together pretty good yesterday and this morning. He left the room and right then it hit me out of no where, but before the tears really started falling I hear my phone buzz and I get this message from Jackson...

I started to laugh so hard when I read it. I bought him a yearbook for his Junior Year and he never went and picked it up. I have been nagging him to pick it up since June. I am certain that some day he will be glad he has it but for now he could care less (he did the same thing to me his sophomore year--took him months to finally get it). So a few weeks ago my brother sent a check for Jackson and Dakota for some work they did at his rental house. I cashed it and kept $45 of Jackson's money and told him when he picked up his yearbook I'd give him the money. So today, the boy finally picked up that yearbook. He told me tonight that he doesn't have one signature on any of his yearbooks since the 9th grade and he was proud of it. Needless to say I was so grateful for the distraction!

11:25am I start blow drying my hair and a primary song pops into my head that I've been singing to myself and to Janie and Lilly for the last three days. I knew right then, that song is our Kevin's song. It's the perfect song for Baby Kevin and for our family. I had also been thinking about what our family theme and song should be for the 2012 year--I think it's perfect for both. So here it is...

The Church of Jesus Christ

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I know who I am. I know God's Plan. I'll follow him in faith. I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ I'll honor his name. I'll do what is right; Ill follow his light. His truth I will proclaim.


Leslie :~D said…
I posted this on Facebook, but wasn't sure where you'd see it first, so I decided to post it here as well.

I went visiting teaching yesterday and couldn't find my Ensign, so I used last May's conference issue. Picked it up, and was led to a talk called "Hope" by Elder Steven Snow. After reading your blog, it was exactly what I needed. I hope you know that your friends are mourning with you. I know you know that your family is, but those of us who aren't as close to you do too!

I shared your story with my sisters and shared some of what you shared and with the talk, I was in tears. Not in a bad way. I am, of course, so sad for you, but the grace and spiritual insight you shared on the blog is such a faith promoting thing.

"Our hope in the Atonement empowers us with eternal perspective. Such perspective allows us to look beyond the here and now on into the promise of the eternities. We are free to look forward to celestial glory, sealed to our family and loved ones."

I love you, friend!
Kimmy said…
I have to agree with your friend Leslie, we are all mourning with you Becky. I have told a few friends what's happening with you right now and it's really had an impact on them. I love the idea of a primary song, thank you for sharing that story of EmmaLee, I never knew that! I think the song you chose is perfect. I know who I am, I know God's plan. Love that line in the song. Thanks for posting everything that is happening. I get so happy when I come on to check and you have more posted! I love the story about Jackson and his yearbook. Oh how opposite he and his Aunt Kimmy are!!! HAHA!! Love you Becky!!

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