Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mexico - #1

Last July while all together in Logan we discussed various options for our 2017 Summer vacation.
I can't remember what they all were but we let Estabon make the final decision since he'd be leaving for his mission shortly after.  He chose the beach trip in Mexico.

Here we are at the border.
I had no idea what to expect.  Some things I read said it was totally safe, others said the opposite, so I made everyone use the buddy system.  
Mexico welcomes the tourists with open arms full of tortillas, blankets, jewelry and a bunch of other stuff.

The minute you cross the border you know you're not in the US any more.
This little guy was so cute.  Don't all 4 year-olds ride around town in the back of a pick up truck?

Puerto Penasco is just under 4 hours away from Mesa.  The drive isn't very pretty but the beach was fantastic!  The kids freaked out when they saw the beach house and then they really freaked out when they saw how close we were to the ocean.  They kept telling me I'd really out-done myself with choosing this place.

We unloaded and then Kevin, Kloe and I went to Sam's Club.
We took Kloe along in case we needed a translator, which we did.  The lady at the snack bar didn't speak any English.  She was completely taken back when the cute American blonde girl started speaking Spanish to her.  Kloe spoke Espanol like a pro and we came home with 3 delicious pizzas.

Every night we would gather for family prayer and the kids took turns giving a devotional.  The kids will tell you that when the Beck's go on vacation, they don't go on vacation from God, and really, everything is better when we include him.

The ocean water was the best I've ever been in, as far as the temperature.
There was no having to ease your way into it, it was so nice.

Apparently Beau takes after his father and grandfather and is not a fan of the sand in his toes.

The beach house had a kayak, paddle board and boogie boards.
We made good use of all of them.

The balcony was always shaded so when you didn't want to be out in the sun you could watch the action from there.  That is where my Dad spent a lot of his time.  He loved watching everyone playing on the beach.