Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Fever, Potty Training and a Visit

This poor baby has been so sick the last few days.  She gets these fevers out of no where and they stick around for a few days and then she pulls out of it and is fine.  I think this is our 5th round this year.  She turned the corner today and was feeling good enough for a couple of curlers and to "go to church".

We worked on potty training tonight.  Hard core.  She sat on that thing for a couple of hours and I sat right there with her.  This girl can hold it!  
She is so ready to potty train but is such a stubborn little stinker.  She tells me every time she goes #1 or #2 and then asks to be changed. The other day she was running around.  Stopped and stood right in front of me, messed her pants and then said, "Ew Gross".  Lovely.  I am so way too old for this.

Janie had a surprise visit from Kam and Korby tonight.  She was one happy girl!  They played outside 'til almost 10 and she was so annoyed when I made her come in.  Meanest mom ever!