Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mama Jan & Papa Tom's Halloween Party

Last Friday was my parents Halloween Party. We ate Pizza, the kids played Bingo with Papa Tom, the adults watched a little football, and Mama Jan made Caramel Popcorn...the highlight of the night for me!

My dad is obviously a mom is "I Love Lucy" on she creative or what?!

Kota is working on setting the record for wearing the same halloween costume for the most years in a row!

Jackson is quite the sexy Under Armour model!

Cutest Tinkerbell EVER!

Emmer went as "High School Prom Becky" and Kevin went as "High School Prom Kevin"...if you look at my very first post back in July you'll see the original pic of me and Kev in this "get-up". Kev hasn't changed a bit!

Love that Hannah Montana!

Steph, Izzy and Rob

Kim, Kamdon, Scott, Karter and Kaitlynn

The Becksters