Monday, March 25, 2019

The Grand Gesture - Part 1

Last Friday night Garren had an appointment to talk to Kevin.
This is Kevin's first time to have a young man ask to marry one of his daughters so he googled all kinds of funny questions to ask Garren, none of which he ended up asking.  Instead Garren interviewed Kevin.  He asked him lots of questions about Emmy and marriage advice (since Kevin's a pro--26 years and counting).  Garren told Kevin how he planned to take care of Emmy and explained how he'd been preparing for this for a long time.  Finally, after about 45 minutes, he asked Kevin for his approval and Kevin gave the thumbs up.
Saturday they were going to spend the morning ring shopping, but what Emmy didn't know was that Garren already had a ring in his backpack.

They made a stop for some breakfast at the Grand America first.
Garren asked Kevin and I if Emmy would want us to be there, but I was pretty sure it would be a bigger deal if it were a complete surprise.  She'd have known something was up if she saw us.  I was wishing I'd arranged for it to be photographed but it all worked out because there just so happened to be a random photographer there who took pictures of the entire thing.  She even took photos of the table before they arrived because she thought it looked so pretty.

Garren did a great job picking out the ring.
Emmy LOVES it and it's perfect for her.
She hasn't stopped looking at it, or showing us all how pretty it looks on her finger.

Kevin and I have been praying for Emmy to be able to find "her person" for quite some time.  God answered our prayers with Garren, who he clearly hand-picked just for our girl.
They've chosen to be married August 6th in the Salt Lake Temple.  Dakota gets home July 25th so the timing is perfect!