Friday, March 22, 2019

Snow Day at the Cabin

We've spent the week at the family cabin celebrating us and living the lazy life.

There was TONS of snow!
And up until yesterday, lots of beautiful blue sky!

Kevin practiced his turkey calling for the upcoming turkey hunt.
He finally saw lots of turkeys on the drive home and a moose and some deer so it was a win.

We took walks up and down the canyon.

Did some reading, sleeping, and binge watched The Widow on Vidangel--it was pretty good.  We also did a little binging on Kevin's current favorite show...Little House on the Prairie.  I'm surprised he wasn't born back in those days.  He loves the slower paced, simpler life.  He would have been just like Charles Ingalls.

Yesterday it snowed all day.
Snow days at the cabin are my favorite.

Today is the beginning of Spring Break for our girls. 
We are flying by the seat of our pants with this one :)