Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Go Out And Bring Them In

Sunday we gathered for Baby Thomas's blessing.

My niece Mickayla is the cutest little mom.  She crocheted Thomas's blessing outfit and didn't even use a pattern.  Impressive.

The Sollis side was well represented.
Now that my Dad is gone these types of gatherings seem even more special since we assume he gets to come and be with us.
I asked my Mom how her week had been.
She told me there had been a lot of tears, aaaaand she made the mistake of watching The Notebook Saturday night.

Mickayla jokes about her baby looking like he's hanging out in August with that natural tan.

It was a big Sunday for Kevin.
His very first ward conference as the Bishop.
He's been praying for guidance and direction for the conference pretty much since he was put in 2 1/2 months ago.
His theme was "Go Out and Bring Them In".  That quote is from Brigham Young.  It's what he told the men who would be going out to find the lost Willie and Martin handcart companies who were stranded on the plains. 
Kevin invited all of us to minister to those around us in a way that will bring them closer to Christ.
Our girls sang with the choir.
It was a beautiful worship service.