Monday, January 14, 2019

Missionary Monday - Olney Week 15

Hey hey hey,

So last Tuesday we were finding all day and at night we had a lesson with an African guy, he didn't answer. So we were going to finish tracting his complex, then as we were coming down the stairs a security guard came out of nowhere and kicked us out so that was a bummer. Then we exchanged with the Moville elders.

Wednesday I was with Elder Basso all day in Olney, we had a ton of finding and not much else.

Thursday we found all day, but at night... We were tracting and the second door we knock on there's 2 Latino guys and a black guy, we do our thing and they are like, "Uhhh, we are actually making a YouTube video that we do for our church once a week, do you guys want to be on it?" It sounded cool so we said sure. They were from some nondenominational church (aka anything goes as long as Jesus is the focus) So they get everything set up and they go for it. It was pretty much a 30 minute question and answer. The questions started out harmless and normal but by the end I was having to answer to several antimormon claims 🤦🏾‍♂️ For example, the first few questions were asking us what our main beliefs/main message is. The types of questions by the end were more like "I saw in 2nd Nephi there's a verse that Joseph Smith put in that says 'as we are God was, as God is we will become' how do you explain that?" (Lucky for us he used a real quote from Joseph but cited it to the wrong source so we could just say that doesn't exist in the BoM🤭) the others were mostly about salvation which we have a completely different understanding about it than any other Christian faith, so that's hard to explain. Overall it was cool, I'm just worried how they'll edit it, but I'll probably never know 🤷🏾‍♂️

Friday we had a whole bunch of nothing, in the morning an African guy was convinced that we weren't Christian... Haha. Then we had district council and everything. It has been pretty mild temperatures all "winter" here but Friday it got super cold so that was kinda the worst.

Saturday we taught the woman from the restaurant that was referred by 2 members separately. We had the Member from our ward come with us, it was a super good lesson until the end. At the end the Member is like "Are you guys done? Ok sweet" Then he goes off about all the things that we do or don't do that her catholic church doesn't or does do. He basically thrashed all her catholic beliefs over the course of 45 minutes... Then on top of that, Elder Navarro extended the Baptismal invitation, I thought maybe he was being inspired or something but then she almost fell out of her chair. She said "We just met and now you want to get married??" So the last 45 minutes of the lesson was pretty much a train wreck. Then later we had dinner with Hna Quiroga for her son Julian's birthday, that was fun. Then we tracted a bunch and met some cool Brazilians. The first one gave us some "Brazillian" Vanilla wafer things. The second one was a couple and they let us in, we explained the Book of Mormon briefly and everything and the wife was like "ehhhhh but I have the Bible?" And then her husband lectured her for like 5 minutes about what we had just explained, and then she accepted it. So that was pretty cool 😂 That night it also started to snow. You'd think the people here have never seen snow before... Everyone drives with their hazard lights on and they drive 5 mph.

Sunday we woke up to a ton of snow, a text from the bishop saying the stake president canceled church across the stake, and an email from the mission saying not to use the cars at all until further notice. So we had kind of a bum day just walking around in the snow haha.

Today we are hoping the snow ban will be lifted so we can shop and stuff, we'll see I guess. I hope you all had a great week and I look forward to hearing from you!

Elder Beck

YouTube people
Sweeping up snow
The snow caught on fire
Julian's party
Milagro made it to church on Sunday!