Friday, January 11, 2019

I Got This

Birthday shout out to our favorite Aunt Tami!!
Love you Tam!

Tomorrow me and Emmy are getting out of the cold and heading to Mexico!

The Jazz offered their employees vouchers to a resort in Puerto Vallarta so Emmy snagged one and invited her favorite Mama to tag along.

My swim suits are packed.
Picked me up some shades and our favorite chocolate plastic licorice so I am READY.
A daily dose of sun, beach, books, and guacamole sounds like a dream.

So far, Mexico has not let me down.
Puerto Penasco was amazing and Cancun was fantastic.
My friend Cynthia says of all the Mexico cities she's visited Puerto Vallarta is her favorite.  I can't wait to see it!

The kids are excited to have 6 days of no nagging.
I'm a little nervous to leave Kevin.  I think he's going to miss my daily pep talks.  One minute he's like, I got this whole Bishop thing, then the next he's like, what am I even doing?  
He's actually doing really great :)