Monday, September 03, 2018

We May Even Go Back

Last night for Family Night I invited the family to come to our Girls Camp Fireside.
(That's my nice way of saying, "you're all coming whether you like it or not").
Lilly was the only one who complained about going.

I gave a short talk and since I was the camp Dancemaster I shared what the very first edition of For the Strength of Youth had to say about acceptable dancing...

Funny stuff!

Last night concluded our 2018 camp duties.
I'll miss working with these ladies.
I think I'll call them all as Trek leaders for next year so we can keep hanging out.

Last week we took the youngest three to California to meet up with their Arizona cousins.

The above picture was taken the last time the Beck's and Sollis's did Disney in February of 2016.

August 2018
Look how all these cuties have grown!

Don't let those smiles on the parent's faces fool ya.
This was taken on Monday.  The worst day of our trip.  
Last week was forecast to be one of the slowest weeks of the year (which is the only times we'll go to Disneyland).  The forecaster lied--IT WAS PACKED!  Kev and I hate crowds, hate waiting an hour in line (some of the waits were an hour and a half) and even the fast passes weren't all that fast.  
We told the girls this might be their last Disney trip ever until they can take themselves.  
We weren't kidding.
Thank heavens when we went back on Wednesday and Thursday it was MUCH better.  We may even go back some day.  I'll post more about the trip later in the week.