Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mary Ruth Organics

I've mentioned before, the ongoing battle we've had with Gracie and her rashes.

These were taken a few years ago.
We've seen several doctors.
Been prescribed several remedies.
A few of the meds worked for a while and then the rash would come back with a vengeance.

She would also get it on her neck and behind her knees.
She was miserable.

This one was taken when it was doing a little better.

We've tried lots of home remedies too.
I have researched and researched various things that might help and earlier this year I began looking for a probiotic specific for skin issues.
I found a topical probiotic spray for the skin and an oral probiotic.  The Dr's kept trying to treat it topically but I really felt like it needed to be treated internally as well.

I never noticed it was good for pink eye too.
I'll try that next time the pink eye hits our house.

These two products combined have been magic.
She took the oral probiotic once a day and sprayed her rashes 2-3 times a day.
I took these pictures yesterday...

It cleared up her rashes almost immediately and this is the longest she's gone in years without a flare up.
Now that we've got it under control she continues to take the oral probiotic every day.  I'll probably keep her on that forever.  If she feels her skin start to get itchy she sprays with the topical one but that's not very often.

If you've got family members with skin rashes you may want to check out these products.