Friday, September 22, 2017

A Nice Day for a Wedding

Look who we got to spend time with yesterday!

Doesn't this 94 year old Great Great Grandpa look sharp!
My Aunt Jill, Uncle Craig, and Grandpa Moon hit the road at 2:29am (that's what Grandpa told us) in order to surprise us all and make it in time for my cousin Ashley's wedding in the Ogden Temple.

It was a beautiful ceremony.
My favorite part of the temple sealing is there is no "until death do you part".  You make a covenant with your spouse and Christ and it's forever.

I reminded Grandpa that he gets all the credit for this day.
A few years ago during the time Ashley was getting ready to leave on her mission she was pretty serious with a different guy who Grandpa did not approve of (it's not very often Grandpa doesn't approve of a person so this was a big deal).  While I was in Malad visiting Grandpa during that time he told me about his concerns and we decided to write Ashley an email.  I typed while Grandpa told me what he wanted to say.  
Long story short, things didn't end up working out with that guy.

Grandpa stopped to see Mama Jan's new kitchen before he headed back to St George.
My mom is his oldest daughter.

After the ceremony Kevin drove to Logan for his birthday lunch with Emmy.  
Em took her Dad to Herm's and they had the best visit.  

I took these three to Ashley and Shane's reception.
The little girls LOVE all things weddings.

We'll be finishing the Becktember birthday celebrations this weekend.
I think I'll take down the pink birthday sign and put up a more masculine one for Kevin.
My girls and I will also join my mom in attending the LDS Women's Conference Saturday night.  One of my favorite meetings with messages meant just for me and all women.  You are welcome to tune in HERE.