Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Sads

Taking our Elder right to the airport was a new one for us.
We dropped Jax off curbside at the Provo MTC.
The drive to the airport was quiet.  I was thinking how perfect this last week has been, the entire summer in fact.  The only thing we'd missed was singing Baby Kevin's song together.  We always sing his songs at special family events.  Right after I had that thought Kevin asked Lilly if we should sing.  She agreed and he suggested we sing Baby Kevin's song.  So we did.

The airport had tons of missionaries who'd come from the Provo MTC.
Made me think of the Armies of Helaman.
Oh, and here's a fun fact: Dakota's luggage is the same luggage Jackson took on his mission.  It all came back in good shape and Jax left them home when he got married, so I held onto them for Dakota.

Lilly didn't really grasp Dakota leaving until today.
This is her trying to process it.

I won't sugar coat any of this.  The last goodbye is THE WORST.  It's rushed and there's no turning back--not that we want to turn back.  Dakota serving a mission is the greatest thing for him and our family but since we are all just a bunch of humans we still get a whole lot of the sads.

Lilly cried the entire drive home and then asked to be alone and she had a good cry on her bed.  Later in the day she was asking me why she felt so sad so I explained how that's a good thing because it means she really loves her brother.

Kev told Rachel to go ahead and give Dakota one last hug.  Leaving your girlfriend behind is tough, but leaving your best friend behind is so much tougher.  Kev and I still remember what it felt like when we said our last goodbye at the airport.  Brutal.  But it was just that, our last goodbye.  Time flies and now here we are 26 years later sending our 2nd missionary out.

This nice guy stopped to ask where Dakota was headed.  He was headed to Mexico too and offered to walk with Kota through security and to the terminal.  Bless you nice guy.  I know Dakota was capable of getting there himself but his Mama felt better that he had someone with him.

Love the flight tracker app.  Haven't used it since Jackson came home from Brazil.  Also, how great is it to be able to get information instantly!!

Look at our handsome boy with his missionary tag!
Susan's husband serves as 1st counselor in the Mexico MTC mission presidency.  Glad he's got family down there.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping it off, eating kettle corn and watching season 2 of The Great British Bake Off.  None of us had the energy to do anything--except Janie and Lilly who spent 8 hours at a pool party with the neighbors.

This little stack of stuff is all of Esty's worldly treasures...I'll pack them away in storage since Gracie will be moving into his room.

Dakota and his sister bonding the night before he left...

She's going to miss having him right down the hall from her.