Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Spoiled Eggs

The boat is back in business.
By the time we got it out of the shop last year the season was almost over so we took the year off.

We boated at Willard Bay years ago with Bobby's boat and later our boat, and always hated it.  Lots of bugs and lots of bad weather.  Marci and Rhett have boated at Willard all Summer with no bugs, great water, and great weather so we gave it a shot last week and it was fantastic!

Lilly even caught a little baby shad fish.

The boat ran like a champ! 

Here's Kevin telling the little girls the story of how we got the boat.
In one of our Christmas letters many years ago I jokingly said that if Kevin would let me have another baby I'd let him get a boat.  Except he didn't know I was joking.  But it worked out.  Everyone loves the boat and everyone loves Janie, who made the boat possible.
If my eggs weren't spoiled I'd make him an offer he couldn't refuse...I think he'd really like a new truck to pull the boat.

Did not even plan to both wear Spidy.
Not only do we finish each other's sentences but we Duggar it with the matching outfits without even trying.