Monday, August 07, 2017

Loose Ends

Dakota spent part of the weekend tying up loose ends.

This would be him taking care of college deferment stuff.

Gracie's JR HIGH class schedule came Saturday.
Kloe sat her down and told her which teachers she would and wouldn't like.
Gracie is keeping an open mind.

Dakota had one last boys night.
A little gaming, a little ping pong, and a lot of pizza.

Yesterday morning we went to his last mission prep class.  These are two of his teachers.
The man on the left is Brother Kendall, the Stake Young Men's President and President Barker is on the right.  President Barker served as a mission president and is still going strong in his 90's. 

I gave Dakota his final haircut.
I've been his barber since his first haircut.

I got to sub in Lilly's "little class" yesterday.  
She got to try on these cool shoes from Holland.

We had dinner and family night with the Becks.
We each shared our favorite thing about Dakota and gave him some advice to take with him.

Some of the favorite things...
He's always willing to help and never complains
He's a great friend to everyone
He's a lot of fun and so funny
He personable
He's a good listener

Some of the advice he was given...
Just be yourself because God didn't call you on a mission to be someone else
It's not how you teach but how the Spirit teaches through you so you need to put yourself in a position to be an instrument in the Lord's hands
There's no better place for you to be than DC for the next two years.
Make sure you find a member friend for your investigators.

One of my favorite things that was said was when Kevin told Dakota that Washington DC will be a better place for having Elder Beck serve there.

We face timed Jax, Aubrey and Beau so they could join us too.
When we finished Dakota told each person what he loved most about us--I think it caught us all off guard and he had everyone crying.  This kid is a gem.  
Today in Lilly's little class the kids were asked "How do you know Jesus loves you?"  I know he loves me because he gave me this amazing family.

Dakota requested tractor cake for dessert so Gracie got her bake on and it was delicious!
Today we tie up more loose ends and then we will gather in our home tonight for Dakota's setting apart.  First thing tomorrow morning we'll take him to the airport.
I guess this is really happening.