Friday, August 11, 2017

Good Times at the Gorge - Part 2

Our daily schedule went something like this...
3am - Kevin wakes up and can't go back to sleep because his mind starts working on all the various fishing scenarios he will carry out in just a few hours.
5-6am depending on the morning and fishing spot, Kevin and any who want to fish hit the water and fish until between 10am if the fish aren't biting and 11am if they are.
11am - Late breakfast and naps for the early morning fisherpeople.  Those who don't nap play games and read.
2pmish - Back on the lake for water sports and swimming.
6pmish - Head back for dinner, games, shooting the breeze and our nightly devotional
9:30 - Meet at the dock for night fishing

Kever spends LOTS of time getting poles and such ready for all the people to fish.  He really doesn't fish much himself on these trips.  He's more of a fishing facilitator.

Marci and I went with out with the fishing boat one morning and it was beautiful.

Look at this pretty kokanee!  It's was Bridger's birthday fish.  He turned 18 on our trip!

It was a group effort trying to keep his candles from blowing out.