Monday, July 03, 2017

Sollis Family Lagoon Day 2017

I had to document this monumental day.
First time in over 20 years that I haven't taken a stroller to Lagoon.

My Dad's energy level kept him from going on all the big rides with the kids but he managed to ride the family favorite.

Mama Jan gave all the girls portable fans and we put them to good use.
It was an extra hot day so my mom wasn't able to come.  The heat makes her so sick.  We made sure and sent her lots of pictures throughout the day so she could follow along.
I think this one was her favorite...

All the younger kids love to leave with a stuffed animal (because you can't have too many) so our cheapest and best shot at winning is the guess your age game.  We cleaned house this year.
Rick is 39, they guessed 29
Rob is 38, they guessed 29
Kim is 36, they guessed 29
and I am 45, they guessed 29
We had 4 happy kids and Stella named the little stuffed guy I won her Becky Beck.

Stella pulling her ice cream money out of her fanny pack was the cutest.

We had everyone there but Jackson's family, part of Tricia's family, and Kevin who was home with the pukes.

These last two pictures are my favorite.

Lilly had some food on her fingers so she got a partial hand hold.

Thanks mom and dad for another fun family day at Lagoon!