Friday, July 14, 2017

She Got it, Barely

Got to spend some quality time with these two this week...

They came with me to take Emmy back to Logan and to hire my favorite realtor, Jeremy Verlin Moon with Parker Real Estate.  We had the original Beck house up for sale with Homie for about 6 weeks with lots of showings but no offers (for some reason people aren't excited about having a freeway for a neighbor, weird) so now we're getting serious.

McDonald's and Sam's Club in Logan is way more fun with these two.
I got to listen to them talk in their British/Australian accents most of the day.

Kim and I took the girls to finally get their learners permits.
Kloe turns 16 in September and Kara in December so it's about time.

Sadly we were both turned away.
I had a copy of Kloe's birth certificate and they wanted a certified copy.
Kara's mom had her old address on her driver's license so they wouldn't accept that as a proof of address/ID.

We supported the cows.

Went shopping for more mission clothes for Estabon.
Big shout out to Dean Beck (no relation) at the Men's Warehouse in Murray.  He is our favorite suit guy and they have fantastic missionary packages.  Go see Dean and tell him Estabon sent you.

The dad took Kloe and the certified birth certificate back to get her learner's permit yesterday and she got it, barely.  You have to get 40 of the 50 questions right and she got 41.  To celebrate Kev let her drive on the freeway.