Friday, July 28, 2017

Making Friends at Aunt Megan's Pool

My sister Megan lives in Orem in a cute townhouse with a great pool and clubhouse.  She invited us down for a pool party Wednesday so we stopped at Krispy Kreme with the kids report cards so they could get their free donuts.  All you parents out there who pay your kids for good grades--save some money and just take them to get free donuts.

Kim and her kids came too.

Lilly made a little friend immediately.  She can't remember her name and when I asked her her name I couldn't understand her but she has the cutest little squeaky voice and she thought Lilly was the greatest, especially when she shared her donuts in the pool.

The rest of the cousins made some friends too...not sure who half these kids are...

That little girl snuggling up to Gracie, no idea who she is.

Gracie's current good read, Goose Girl.  I loved that book too!

Love these pretty sisters of mine and loved the pretty sky.  It was a beautiful night and as we were leaving the pool an awesome lightening storm hit and followed us all the way home.

Thanks Meg!