Monday, July 31, 2017

Just Rolling With It

Trying to fit all the important and fun stuff in before Esty leaves us next week.
Friday we took him to the Salt Lake Temple so he could see a live endowment session.
We are lucky to live so close to this beautiful historic temple.
Afterwards we took him up the canyon for breakfast at Ruth's.  We sat out on the patio and the weather was perfect with a little breeze and it smelled like rain.  
I watch this kid of mine and am so impressed he's not freaking out just a little.  He's off to Mexico next week to learn Spanish and then it's off to his new home in DC and he's just rolling with it.  He gets that from his Dad.

Later in the day we checked in at The Men's Warehouse to make sure his suit would be ready in time and then stopped for a build-your-own ice cream sandwich.

Miss Bella came for a visit and brought her cute cousin with her!  The girls have missed Bella so much since she moved to St George in January.  I've missed Bella too.  She is such a sweet friend to the girls and when Lilly isn't sporting an attitude the three of them play so great together.

We had Johanna over for dinner and family night.  We miss her too and it was great to spend some time with her.
Janie taught us in her new-to-her swim suit from Kara and her sister.  Her lesson was about being Christlike and showing Charity towards others.

And look at my Grace!  
She's only an inch away from being as tall as I am.
She's becoming quite the lovely young lady.