Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jackson Hole 2017 #3

Traditional Beck family picture in front of these babies...

Photo contest 1st place winner went to Estabon...

Kevin showing the children that the lake water comes from the glaciers up the mountain...

Which is why the lake was SO COLD.
Unlike the ocean they played in last month.

We love canoeing in String Lake!

And look at that cute baby in his fishin' hat and life jacket.

The highlight of our lake time was when Kevin, Lilly, Tam and Steve went overboard.

One brother caused them to tip over (not on purpose) and the other spouted profanities (on purpose) while going overboard.  I'll let you guess which did what.  We are all bummed no one got a picture.

Breakfast by the lake is everyone's favorite and Jax wins the prize for best rock skipper.

These two were determined to catch a fish in Beau's bib.

And then just like that the week was over and it was time to head home.
We were so excited to do baptisms in the new Star Valley Temple.
The schedule said to make an appointment if you were coming before 8 in the morning so we didn't make an appointment.

We should have made an appointment.
There was a ward with about 50 kids so they couldn't work us in.  One more thing to look forward to on the next trip!