Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Esty's To-Do List

We've been clicking through the to-do list before Estabon leaves on his mission in 20 days.
Yesterday it was one last cleaning at the dentist.

Today it is one last cavity to be filled by the dentist.
I worry about him not seeing a dentist for 2 years.  The poor guy has such bad teeth.  He's by far my best brusher but averages a cavity or two every 6 months.

His man bag arrived the other day.  Missionaries can't wear backpacks so he gets to carry all his treasures around in this guy.  
He's still needs to buy a bike and camera, finish addressing all his thank you cards, clean out his room, pack, and cancel his gym pass.  In his spare time he plays as much basketball with his people as possible.