Monday, July 24, 2017

E for Effort

Saturday we dropped the little girls off at Grandma Meldrums and headed to Manti.

The Manti Temple is one of our favorites.  We were planning to do an endowment session with Emmy and Dakota while Gracie and Kloe did baptisms.  I was reading Sunday about how a rich gift is often referred to as an endowment.  Temples are where we are given the richest gifts our Heavenly Father can give us...all the knowledge and power we need to obtain the gift of eternal life.

I made sure to check when the Manti Temple closes for maintenance--which is in April and October.  When we got there we saw NO CARS and a sign on the door saying they were closed for the 24th of July weekend.  DANG IT!  I checked the website again and under "other closure dates" July 22nd is listed.  We are 0 for 3 with the temples this month.  Last week we went to the Salt Lake Temple and they were closed for maintenance, then we had that fail at the Star Valley Temple on our way home from Jackson Hole.
Kevin says we still get the credit.  An E for effort I guess.

Kloe got in some good driving time and Emmy said, "For what it's worth I've really enjoyed the company".
We thought we'd try doing baptisms at the Provo Temple on our way home since Gracie needs to cross that one off her list.  Checked their website from my phone, and you guessed it, closed for maintenance.

So we settled on a Book of Mormon discussion during the car ride home and JDawgs for dinner.  Kevin found a great study guide he and I have been using, The Book of Mormon Study Guide, Start to Finish by Thomas R. Valletta.  I know without a doubt The Book of Mormon is true and I love all the historical details this study guide includes which only strengthens my belief in it.
When we got home Estabon checked his email and he's got his flight plans.  He'll fly to the Mexico MTC the morning of August 8th and then September 19th he'll fly to DC.  He seems so ready.  Glad one of us is.