Monday, June 26, 2017

Sing Me Now At Parting

I forgot to post the last couple days of our trip.
We drove home from Mexico on the 10th so we made sure to stop for pizza on our way home...

Man, I love this guy in a beard.

Uncle Bobby got tickets to a Diamondback game, and not just any tickets.  They were in the manager's suite!  While the big kids were at the game I took the little girls over to their cousins for more swimming.

The following night we had dinner and family night with Rob and Steph's family and Rob played the closing song, Sing We Now at Parting (except he sings it Sing ME Now at Parting).  It's the only song that's stuck with him since his piano lesson days and it cracks me up every time he plays it.

We headed for home the next morning.
Thanks to Jax and Aubrey for being awesome hosts and to Rob and Steph for all the good times!

And thanks to Lilly for making sure to get all of her puke into the puke cup. 
I think this was just a 3 puke trip for her.