Friday, June 16, 2017

Mexico - #2

Since Father's Day is Sunday I thought I'd dedicate this Mexico post to mi papa!

My dad loves puzzles!  So we brought one along for him and it took us about 3 days to complete it.  It was fun to watch each of the kids spending time helping Papa Tom put it together.

My mom went shopping for dad before the trip so he came with several sun and beach friendly new outfits.  We joked that Mama Jan didn't want us to lose him.  This place is known for their breakfast and cakes.  
The cakes were all so pretty!  
We had a cake bar one night for dessert.

Great Papa Tom loved his little Beau and Beau loved his great Papa.  
Beau got to help with the puzzle too.

The picture above was the highlight of dad's entire trip.
My dad loves to talk to people.  The lady giving the massage didn't speak English so he had Gracie translate for him throughout his entire massage.  He asked her all kinds of things about her life and family.  It was so funny to watch!  And Miss Gracie rocked it with the Spanish.  She spoke fluently and understood everything the lady said to her.

Love you dad.
So thankful you could join us on our trip.