Friday, June 23, 2017

Interview with Birthday Girl Emmy

I got lots of time with our birthday girl this week.
I can't believe she's 21!
She's living an amazing life and I am so excited to see what the coming year holds for her!

We ate, we shopped (which we both hate but we powered through and found her some darling clothes), and had some temple time later in the week.

I interviewed her in between rolls at the Texas Roadhouse...

Who's your best friend and why?

Right now?


 I don't know, I feel like my best friend changes every year.  Probably Dad because we're basically the same person, we have the same sense of humor and first of all he's always there, one nice thing is that he's not flaky, I guess he has to be there because he's my Dad.  He's always interested in what I have to say, I like to hear his perspective on things.  We have a lot of good conversations.  My best friends have a lot to do with what kind of conversations we have.  If you would have asked me 2 years ago it would have been Carly, if you would have asked me 3 years ago it would have been Gentry, the year before that Aubrey, it just changes every year since I had Sasa (her best friend when she was little).

What is your favorite book?

 It changes every time I read a new book.  Like right now it's These Is My Words.  I feel like when I really love a book it always has a special place in my heart and then I just add to that with new books.

What is your favorite subject in school and why?

I like all my accounting classes but, well, I kind of do look forward to doing the work in those classes but it depends on what kind of accounting it is.  I also really like history and math but I only take accounting classes now.  My favorite religion class (she says laughing)... I really liked Preparing for Eternal Marriage, I took it twice.  

Haha, so you're ready!

Well I don't know because I probably need to take it again when I actually have to worry about that, or you know, like I'm dating someone.  Because there's just so many good things, even when I took it the second time, there were things that I was like Oh ya, I wanted to remember that, but I didn't.  I haven't taken any institute classes on the Doctrine and Covenants but that was my favorite in Seminary.  I love learning about the early church and Joseph Smith.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A mom forever and always and an accountant on the side.  I think it would be fun if I wasn't too overwhelmed.

What do you like most about being a Beck?

I like our family dynamic.  In college when you're talking about companies, you talk about their culture.  I like our culture, the culture of our family.  We eat really well, a lot of our family times are around food, I love that.  And we have things like fishing and Rook and all our little traditions, like Idaho and the grave and the Dude Ranch.  I don't necessarily feel like I'm BFF's with any of my siblings but we all get along really well and I think everybody in our family is pretty funny, we all have the same sense of humor mostly.  

What gets on your nerves about our family?

Sometimes I feel like we don't have very many peace makers, then I feel guilty, so I feel like I have to be the peacemaker.  I think sometimes we can be selfish, I think it's because there are so many of us we kind of have to fight our way through it a little bit to hold our own.  Just a little selfishness every once in a while but not bad.  

What was your favorite childhood memory?

Uuuuuuum...I don't know.  When me and Jackson started to get older he never wanted to play with me but there were a couple times like when we built that snowman in the backyard and then one other time when we got into this really intense game when some kind of witch was chasing us in the backyard and it was so fun and then when it was over I was like, let's play again, and he was like, no. 
He'd just gotten to the point where he didn't like playing together any more but then there were those two times and I just thought it was awesome.  He's gonna get a really big head when he reads that.  I also liked that Disneyland trip when it was awesome weather the whole time.  I think we went with Rob and Megan and Grandma and Grandpa.  It wasn't cold but the weather looked like it was gonna be bad so no one was there and we got on all the rides.  That was a fun Disneyland trip.  And also any time we went to Lake Powell.

What is your favorite movie?

Same thing with the books.  I used to be a big movie person but now I'm more of a TV show person because I feel like I get more attached to the characters.  And I also fall asleep the second a movie starts.  I would say Gilmore Girls was my favorite TV series but that follow up kinda ruined it for me.  Oh, Friday Night Lights!

What is your favorite thing about being a Mormon?

I like that...again, I like our culture.  I like that it's the same everywhere.  I like that I never have to make decisions about what I'm gonna do as far as like drinking or things along those lines.  I never have to worry about waking up not knowing what happened the night before.  I like living a clean life and I just like that it helps me live a good life.

What do you like most about being a big sister?

I loved when they were all babies, taking care of them.  I'm trying to be better at it but I like when I get to make them feel special.  Kloe doesn't say anything about it but I can tell she really likes some of the clothes I give her.  I like being able to do fun things for them and I need to be better about doing it more often.

How many kids do you want?

I would say 6 but probably between 5-7

Now that you are of marrying age, what do you look for in a future husband?

I don't want to tell you this because I feel like you'll use it against me.  My number one quality since 10th grade has been faithful, faith to God, faithful to me, faithful to the church.  And the second would be a good sense of humor because I feel like I don't know anybody that would be able to put up with me if they didn't.  Attractive, obviously.  Has the same ideas for a family as me.  It doesn't make any sense for me to marry someone who doesn't want kids.  Along with the family thing, has a solid head and knows what he wants and will do whatever it takes.  I don't want someone who's wishy washy.  Even though I have the ability to get a job myself I don't want to be the sole provider.

Now that you've almost finished college what advice would you give your little sisters?

Take as many concurrent and AP classes as you can because it's freaking expensive to take classes in college and just get the best grades that you can so that you can get a scholarship.  Have a real job in high school and save, just save everything because debt sucks--and I wouldn't know but I was shocked at how many people my age were already in a lot of debt for their undergrad degrees.

Mom's favorite thing about Emmy:  I love Emmy's laugh, I've always loved her laugh.  I love that she is strong, responsible and goes after what she wants.  I love that she is always striving to be better, spiritually, physically and pretty much in all areas of her life.  I love that when I look at her I see her Dad and me.  She's a perfect mix of the both of us.

Dad's favorite thing about Emmy:  My favorite thing about Emmy is that she's beautiful, she's smart, she's driven, she's a good sounding board for me, she's spiritual, and she almost forgave me that one time for hitting her in the face with a softball ;).