Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beckventures in Vegas

We took a look at which temples we could work into this trip and decided the Las Vegas Temple would be a good one!

Now that Dakota has been through the temple and holds the Melchizedek Priesthood he can baptize in the temple so he was able to baptize his sisters.

We stayed the night in the South Point hotel and casino.
When we walked in Lilly looks around with wide eyes and says, "I LOVE THIS PLACE!".  Dakota looked around and said, "Smells like hamsters and cigarettes".  Later Lilly asked me when we were going to play the games.  I didn't know what she was talking about at first but then realized she thought all the slot machines were games.  I got a good laugh over that one and then explained how the gambling games worked.  She changed her mind.

Gotta have our traditional elevator photos.

Escalator heaven right here.
Lilly was okay going up but she hasn't quite gotten over her escalator scare in the visitors center on Temple Square last year so she opted to take the stairs down.

This was a pretty fun hotel complete with several restaurants, a bowling alley and movie theater inside.

I liked this hotel.
It's south of the strip but we had a nice view of it out our windows on the 15th floor.
When we were passing the strip on our way into town Janie says, "Isn't this the place where we're not supposed to look back?"  She was referring to the last time we drove through Vegas and Kevin told the kids the story of Lot's wife being turned to a pillar of salt because she looked back at Sodom.  He compared Vegas to the city of Sodom.  I guess it made an impression.

We made a quick trip into hell the strip to check out the M&M store and then we ran to and jumped into the car (literally, because Kevin was holding up traffic with the suburban and trailer hooked to it) and headed to Mesa.