Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Too Big for the Laundry Chute

Friday and Saturday the kids helped us work on the old house.

I helped Kloe strip and sand the front door.  
The door is original to the house and I love it.

Dakota brought Jacob to help fill the dumpster. 
 I think we fit 3 dumpsters worth of crap into one.

Funny story.
When we moved in to the original Beck House back in 1996 we pulled up all the old carpet and replaced it with new carpet.  But before we laid the new carpet we rented a paint sprayer and painted the entire house white.  We didn't cover the floors so these awesome parquet floors were covered in white paint.  A few years later I realized the wood floors were a good thing, pulled out all the carpet and had to scrape the paint off every square inch of the floors.  It took forever.  For some reason we left the carpet in this one closet so we pulled it out and Lilly pulled out the staples.  There's a few more squares I'll get to scrape.

Gracie found out she's too big for the laundry chute.

Hopefully we can put it up for sale next week.