Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

If there is such a thing as a completely perfect day this was it!
It started with a Mother's Day gift from Emmy--a video tribute to me and all the kids participated.  It was the nicest.  It made me laugh and it made me cry.  Thanks Em.

And then I got to hear Dakota speak in the old folks home Sacrament Meeting.
His talk was taken from President Uchtdorf's talk Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear.  He also shared a few things he loved about his mother :).

And then I face timed with my Arizona kids and my sweet grand baby.  He is such a little lover.  Only 17 more sleeps until I get to squeeze him.

I got to sit next to my Mama in church.
I love her so much and I appreciate her more and more the older I get.  Before I had kids I would look at her with her 7 and think, there's no way I could do that.  And now here I am, with a truck load of kids and I'm doing it, with the help of her example.  
 Now that I'm a grandma I pay closer attention to her grand mothering.  She somehow manages to connect with all 35 of her grand kids.  So now I'm thinking, there's no way I could do that, but given our numbers, there's a good chance I'll get to try.

Gracie spoke in Sacrament Meeting.
It was her first time as a youth speaker and oh my goodness!  This girl did so good!  You would never guess she was only 12.  She spoke about a few of the things she's learned from her mother.  My favorites were how not to be a couch potato and how I tell the kids that Satan sleeps in and the Holy Ghost gets up early, which is why we should start our mornings with prayer and scripture study.  I guess my kids actually listen to me now and then :).

My Kloe sang Come Thou Fount in church.  Her voice teacher Emily accompanied her on the piano along with Emmy on the violin.  They all did amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I'm their mother.  It was Kloe's first time singing a solo since she sang I Love to See the Temple in the ward talent show when she was 5.  Kloe has a beautiful voice.  We started her in voice lessons a year ago to help her develop it and gain some confidence and today she nailed it.
Her favorite friends Kara, Megan and Arop came to support her.  These girls are headed to the big high school in the Fall!

I don't know if I've ever introduced you to my daughter-from-another-Mother's real mom, Kim :).  Doesn't Kara look so much like her cute mom!  Me and Kim share parenting responsibilities with these two.  Props to Kim for picking Kloe up from school every day and taking her for driving practice (bless her for that).  She keeps Kloe in fries and frappuccinos and she loves Kloe like her own.

After subbing in Janie's primary class me and Emmy got to go into Kloe and Gracie's young women class to hear Kevin give a lesson about how our friends influence us and the importance of choosing good friends.  He's such a good teacher.

We had a car full on the way home from church.

Dad and the kids made me a delicious dinner.
Grilled Pork Chops
Corn on the Cob
Caesar Salad
Baked Potatoes
Homemade Rhodes Rolls
And Gracie made us her DELICIOUS churros for dessert!

We stopped in for a visit with Mama Linda.
One of the best gifts she's passed on to all of us is her love for reading.
We gave her a Barne's & Noble gift card along with each of us listing some of the favorite books she's given us.

From Lillybug

So that's it.
My perfect day.
And a special thanks to my Kever for choosing me to be the mother of his children.  Wouldn't be a mother without him.