Monday, May 29, 2017

Esty the Graduate

We kept with tradition of all the Beck kids graduating at the Huntsman Center, just like their Mama.
How cute is this kid?

How lucky was he to be able to sit next to his best friend throughout the entire ceremony?!

Miss La-Bonnell was Dakota's 3rd grade teacher.  
She is a fantastic teacher!  Dakota's class was her first year teaching so she came to see them all graduate.  She's cool like that.

A few of Esty's best buddies.

Several of my cute young women in the Stake graduated as well.
These girls are amazing and I have no doubt they will fill their lives with good things.

All the walking involved with getting into the Huntsman Center was a bit much for Papa Tom but he was able to join us at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards for Esty's graduation dinner.  Papa Tom's joy is making it to every one of his grand kids events which makes being sick extra hard for him, but we are always so grateful when he feels well enough to come.

It was an extra busy weekend for Esty.
Before graduation I took him shopping for his temple clothes so he'd be ready for the following day when he received his temple endowment.  
We do our best to cram as many life events into one month as possible.