Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Double Feature Tuesday

We owed Kloe and Gracie a movie so last Tuesday we took Kloe to see The Case for Christ.  
Kloe and I liked it ok.  Kevin, not as much.

Side note:  Have you ever noticed I have a droopy eye?  You can see it pretty good in this picture.  It gets worse when I'm worn out (although I wasn't worn out this day) and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with having so many kids.  I didn't have a droopy eye before the children.  They've taken at least 50%  of my brain cells as well :).

On our way out we realized the movie Gracie wanted to see was there too.  
It would be a few weeks before we could get to another $5 Tuesday movie (cuz we're too cheap to pay full price) so we dropped off Kloe, picked up Gracie, and went to see Gifted.  We all really liked that one!

The only down side--Kev and I got the popcorn sweats big time.
We're gonna need to take a break from movie theater popcorn for a while.