Friday, May 19, 2017

Coping Crunch n Munch

A few highlights from our week...

School year end programs.

After Janie got dressed she said, "This is just like what Grandpa Moon wears".

Lilly performed the chicken dance like a pro.

Snow in May is always nice.

Estabon's Tennis team went to State.
He only started playing tennis last year and held his own against kids that have played for years.  He didn't leave with the win but he played amazing and went down swingin :).

Summer haircut for the Janers...

Got lots done at the old house.
It is looking SO GOOD!

Dad and Janie put together a cute kitchen table nook and then we tested it out with some delicious KFC.  Janie and I look like angels don't you think.

Coping Crunch n Munch to get us through the long days and nights working on the house.
We've been eating this stuff together since we were dating.